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First Hydrogen pursues Quebec’s integration by joining Hydrogéne Quebec

First Hydrogen has joined Hydrogène Quebec as a founding member, joining Hyundai, Toyota, HTEC, Air Liquide, Messer, Cummins, Harnois Ènergies and Groupe FILGO-SONIC. Partnering with a coalition of companies sharing the same vision will increase the company’s footprint within the emerging H2 industry in Quebec.

First Hydrogen plans to produce up to 35 MW of green H2 using advanced electrolysis technology and distribute the H2 within the Montreal-Quebec City corridor for use with the company’s H2-fuel-cell-powered vehicles (FCEV) as well as supporting other H2-fueled vehicles and applications in the region. First Hydrogen FCEVs are planned to be assembled in Shawinigan for distribution throughout North America in combination with the company’s H2 as a service product offering. The assembly factory will be designed for an annual production of 25,000 vehicles per year when at full capacity and will represent a major boost to green technology jobs in the region.

Balraj Mann, Chairman & CEO of First Hydrogen said, “It is important for First Hydrogen to work in collaboration with Hydrogène Québec to educate the Quebec public and motivate stakeholders to invest in H2, for the future of mobility and infrastructure, and to understand its economic opportunities. Moving forward First Hydrogen intends to strongly display the value of a strong presence in Québec to businesses, governments and universities.”

Michel Archambault, Founding President and Chairman of the Board, Hydrogène Québec said, “We are proud to have First Hydrogen as a founding member of Hydrogène Québec. Striving to provide green solution with its zero-emission light commercial vehicles assembly factory and H2 production, First Hydrogen is a great asset in Quebec’s H2 ecosystem and will highly benefit from joining Quebec’s dynamic H2 network.”

In addition to being lined up with Hydrogène Québec’s vision, there is also strong alignment between First Hydrogen’s plans and the future Energy Transition Valley Innovation Zone, the Hydrogen Research Institute of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières and the Quebec Government’s Green Hydrogen and Bioenergy Strategy.

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