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MAIRE takes part in launch of circular H2 service station in Rome

MAIRE took part in the launch of a circular H2 refueling station to be built by Q8 in Rome. This project is part of MAIRE's 10-year strategic plan for the energy transition and is being carried out by its Sustainable Technology Solutions business unit, which leverages a technology portfolio of innovative solutions for decarbonization. In the 10-year plan, H2 plays a key role in enabling the transition in the mobility and hard-to-abate industry sectors.

The Q8 refueling station on Rome's Via Ardeatina will supply light and heavy vehicles, for both public and private transport. It will have a capacity of up to about 700 kg/d, ensuring a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 75% compared to the use of conventional diesel. The project benefits from Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) funding, as part of a Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport call for H2 refueling stations.

The refueling station will use a technology solution developed by MyRechemical, a subsidiary of NextChem, for the conversion of non-recyclable waste into circular H2, which will be produced in the first waste to H2 plant in Italy, that MAIRE is developing in Rome as part of the EU project IPCEI Hy2Use, subject to the necessary permitting process.

Waste-to-chemical technology uses a circular approach to produce H2, minimizing CO2 emissions in the direction of carbon neutrality in line with the net-zero goals to 2050. Circular H2 is on the market at a significantly lower cost than green H2 produced by electrolysis, thus constituting an already feasible solution today to develop an industrial-scale H2 economy.

In addition, at the launch of the refueling station, MAIRE and Q8 signed an agreement to jointly evaluate the development and implementation of further projects integrating MAIRE's waste-to-chemical technology into the scope of innovative energy carriers in Italy. Together with Fadel Al-Faraj, CEO of Q8, as well as Fabrizio Di Amato, Chairman, and Alessandro Bernini, and CEO of MAIRE, the event was attended by numerous representatives from Italy’s government, its Lazio Region, and the Municipality of Rome.

Fabrizio Di Amato, Chairman of MAIRE, said, "We are happy to contribute with our technology to the launch of the first H2 station with Q8 in Rome, to pave the way for decarbonized mobility in Rome. We also want to be present in the final part of the supply chain, i.e., distribution, proving that we believe in the development of circular mobility. Today, new supply chains are being formed from waste treatment to automobile refueling. We are convinced that this strategic project will provide new opportunities for the entire energy transition industry."

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