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PCC Hydrogen plans a pilot H2 production plant in Indiana, U.S.

PCC Hydrogen (PCC H2), a low carbon/negative carbon H2 production company based in Louisville, Kentucky, announced plans to construct a pilot H2 production plant in Cloverdale, Indiana near the U.S. 231 and Interstate 70 interchange.

PCC H2’s plant will showcase the efficient conversion of logistically friendly ethanol into high purity, negative carbon index green H2 using a patented reforming process coupled with the capture of the processes pure CO2 byproduct. By providing a readily available negative carbon index H2 close to the point of need, the company is enabling the decarbonization of the economy in a cost effective and commercially viable way.

The company has engaged Plant Process Group (PPG), a leading Houston based design, engineering, fabrication, construction and commissioning services company to support the project with plans to have the pilot plant operational by the first quarter 2024. PPG has decades of experience designing and building facilities for the refining industry, chemicals manufacturers and biofuels producers.

PCC H2 is also working closely with the Town of Cloverdale and Putnam County to support the establishment of the first negative carbon index H2 production facility of its kind in the world. The production facility expects to hire local personnel at competitive wages and benefits.

H2 generated from the PCC H2 process can be used in myriad applications ranging from H2 combustion engines to fuel cells (fuel cell powered loaders, trucks, other rolling stock and for fuel cells in non-grid connected BEV charging stations). Furthermore, PCC H2 is exploring the use of its H2 to lower the emissions profile of any heating/calcining process. Finally, the Company is leveraging the logistically friendly nature of ethanol to produce H2 at smaller, distributed facilities closer to the point of use, diminishing the adverse added expense of transporting liquid H2 over long distances.

The PCC H2 core reformer at the pilot plant will be mounted on three skids and operate 24/7. The company expects to break ground at the site this summer.

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