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Controlling Hydrogen Fuel Flow

Thousands of hydrogen-fueling stations must be built this decade to meet increasing demand. To build at this scale, you need reliable, easy-to-install solutions that dispense fuel quickly, reliably and safely. Read how Emerson can help you attain efficient hydrogen fuel dispensing solutions here.


Pumps & Compressors for Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Applications

For decades, Sundyne has worked with many of the world’s largest power plants, refineries and manufacturers that use hydrogen as part of their process. During this time, Sundyne has pioneered many of the technologies that are commonplace today. This new Hydrogen Processing and CCUS White Paper shows how Sundyne’s unique combination of pumps & compressors, support and application expertise offers a total product lifecycle, 360° service for the environmentally safe & leak-free processing of critical gases and liquids.


Optimizing Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage to Meet Ambitious Sustainability Goals

The race to a zero-carbon future is on. Global oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical companies have announced ambitious carbon mitigation, plastics re-use and water conservation targets.  Learn how industry leaders like Saudi Aramco, Kinder Morgan, Shell CANSOLV, Fluor and others are already using digital technology solutions to drive innovation and economics of carbon capture projects.


Electrification and the Path to Net Zero: The Crucial Role Digital Technology Will Play

Electrification is accelerating across all economic sectors as the world increases demand for resources, energy and sustainability. The shift from fossil-based systems to electric will drive change within the existing power infrastructure and beyond with new microgrids and self-generation at industrial sites. Download this whitepaper to learn how digital technology will play an essential role in power management.


Tackling Measurement Challenges of Extreme Process Industry Applications

In extreme process industry applications, the need for accurate and reliable measurements is more important than ever in order to control critical processes and avoid plant downtime or serious safety incidents.

Fortunately, advanced pressure, temperature and flow technologies are designed to improve performance, increase safety and reduce maintenance costs in demanding environments and harsh conditions.

Download this new eBook for solutions that address:
• Vibration
• Challenging flows
• Demanding process fluids
• Extreme temperatures
• Severe pressures


Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Digitalization

Hydrogen is a valuable resource that can help companies achieve carbon reduction and reduce energy costs. Digitalization will be a major accelerator for driving down the cost of hydrogen and evaluating and optimizing alternatives. Download this white paper to learn how technology is an essential component in deliv­ering the hydrogen economy.


Modular Automation eBook: Flexible Process Control to Meet Today’s Requirements and Tomorrow’s Demands

Automation system integration can be challenging. Many organizations need powerful standalone control, but also need to leverage easy integration into a control system. Emerson has developed simple strategies for improving integration. Download Emerson's Modular Automation eBook to see how organizations across industries are using flexible technologies to connect plant systems — accelerating speed to market through faster projects and more integrated operations.


An enormous energy transition is underway – equipment suppliers must adapt

An energy transition is occurring where natural gas, biogas, liquid natural gas and hydrogen play an increasing role as we aim to reach net-zero carbon dioxide goals set by policy makers globally. As energy sources and gas mixtures change, the infrastructure to store and transport gas remains critically important. A changing mix of molecules and pipeline infrastructure, coupled with advancement in process automation, will further drive the need for online gas analysis for safety, process control and gas quality into the future. Learn more about technologies equipped for the energy transition.


The Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting

Hydrogen is a difficult-to-contain, small-molecule gas that must be stored at high pressures to achieve energy density required for use in fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure. This paper will cover attributes required of fittings used in these systems, including gas seal tightness, tube grip strength, vibration resistance, and material integrity.


The Science Behind Optical Gas Imaging

Optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras can help you detect industrial gases quickly, accurately, and safely - without shutting down systems. OGI cameras can scan and survey areas that are hard to reach with traditional measurement tools. OGI cameras can also detect leaks from a safe distance, displaying these invisible gases as clouds of smoke.


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